Abundance Meditation By Bob Proctor

5 Things You Need To Do In Order To Re-Discover Yourself Again

It is very easy to lose yourself into routine work and into living in the past. In order to create the future you really want, you can follow these suggestions:

  1. Get rid of “friends ” that do not support you and do not appreciate you , relationships which fell off but then you decided to leave it because you thought it was ok anyway .Such friendships will only keep you in the past , cutting your wings to evolve into the person that you want to do .  You need to burn those bridges between the past and the present.
  2. Listen to your gut instinct more often , and follow it , act upon it because it will lead you somewhere meaningful
  3. If your reputation has been stained you have to protect it no matter what , you either change your power circle ( the group of people you hang out with ) or you change location
  4. Spend more time with yourself ( get to know you more , rather than to know the identity that you have been given )
  5. Realize that you actual do not have any REAL friends; the only REAL friend you have is yourself.

Law Of Attraction – Jack Canfield

One of the hardest things you can do is finding your purpose, the ladder you want to climb. We have a limited time on this planet therefore you do want to find the right ladder to climb. 

If you feel you are lost or you have not found your purpose, I do completely recommend giving this book a read. Law of attraction by Jack Canfield systematically breaks down how you can find it and he provides structure in the exercises you have to complete.

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The New Trend Called Complain; How To Annihilate The Negativity and how to Maximize the Positivity

It has become an absolute fashion for the majority to complain about events that happen to them .People now find it normal to complain about what is happening to them rather than to adapt or embrace it.  Every single time we complain about something we directly admit that we are helpless and that thing controls us , and we are also getting ourselves sold on why life is not worth living  , rather than why it is worth living . The side effects of this “normal” habit are that instead of focusing on opportunities you are focusing on non-opportunities therefore you are shackling yourself.

Do you find yourself doing that just to get along the people you surround yourself?

If the answer is yes than you are sabotaging yourself and you should stop doing that.

There are many levels of complainers or we can also say negative people. Depending on how much control you assume over your life and what you focus on ,  you will  find yourself on a scale somewhere between very negative to very positive .

Few things which play an important role in being negative:

  1. Media (the media is controlling the population by feeding us  reasons to be scared for , making us predisposed to receive negativity )
  2. Perhaps a big part of your life on how you views things that were happening to you because you  might have thought it was normal or enough
  3. The people we surround yourself with, the ones we know they are being negative and we just continue to listen to them.
  4. Self-esteem
  5. Focusing on non-opportunities


Depending on how deeply embedded your mind is onto focusing on the negative you can turn it around by working hard for that.

My positivity battle plan consists of (these activities must be executed daily):

  1. 20-30 min Abundance meditation daily
  2. 5 min Apps like Mood-mint to help you program your focus.
  3. Achievement Journal (  Write down 10 productive things  you have done every day )
  4. Gratitude Journal ( Write 10 things you are grateful for every day )

For the absolute killers you can go for Positivity challenge. The challenge is to complete a full day of being nothing but positive. Every single time you view things negatively you reset the clock.

Bare in mind , researchers say it takes 66 days to form a habit so  you know how much you need to do it to notice differences .

Be Obsessed Or Be Average

There was a moment in time where i could not see how i could support my actions and intentions due to conventional wisdom . With Grant’s help i managed to readjust my thinking to massive proportions and to not slow down in the name of common sense .Anyone who wants to live a  passionate , fulfilling rich life in any shape or form should consider giving this masterpiece a read .

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Manual Mode Or Autopilot Mode

How often do we:

  • Action without thinking and no rationalization behind our actions?
  • Get on something without thinking then we regret our decision?
  • Get home from work and we simply switch off (going on autopilot) and do things without logic?
  • Find ourselves that time is flying away like crazy and we felt like we haven’t done anything?

If you found yourself answering yes or often to any of these questions then this is a good time to work on it.

The autopilot mode prohibits evolution and promotes comfort, the ordinary or instant gratification. Routine and food, media are the main influences for you to fall into autopilot.

There are millions of people in this planet who believe this is a normal state of mind and do not fight to get out of it. Switching to manual implies being present, conscious which the majority find weird because our minds are in a constant battle.

While it may be difficult at the beginning i can assure you any of the advices below will help you with this.

The things that help you to increase your presence for being in the moment include:

  • Healthy food
  • Meditation is wonderful tool
  • Being close to nature
  • Gratefulness
  • Things that scare you
  • Generosity
  • Working out

Do yourself and those around you a favour by working on your presence