The words “qualify” or “common sense “

These words have a very dark connotation to anyone who wants to reach their potential . They are made important to you due to the the crowd having to follow a certain pattern to achieve something something which  must be accepted the people you surround yourself with .”Common sense ” is used to describe a certain agreed upon  judgement . Common sense means nothing more than a judgement which it is agreed by the average . The greats do not use these idiotic  judgements which will kill the person’s ambition , his ability to influence and inspire others . Qualify has a similar conotation but the difference would be that Qualify  might stop your drive the to fully pursue something with monster persistence due to you lacking some skills which can be  built .The fact that you are alive  makes you QUALIFY  for everything that you wish  for and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you different.

WATCH OUT  for these dangerous words because they have the CAPABILITY to DICTATE what is possible and what is not .  Treat them as a total abomination and the outside the box thinking will become possible . 

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