Is it possible ?!

Is it possible that we see ourselves 10 times , 100 times ,1000 times  or x times less capable of what we can actually DO ? Puzzling question isn’t it ? The only way to ever finding out is giving our best 110% of the time of every single second  you got given , to do what is RIGHT for you.

Where is this FOG coming from !? The fog for which we cannot see what we are capable off ?

The fog is produced by things such as :

  • Self-esteem ( therefore you need to do everything  possible or impossible to INCREASE it  , and to do everything to PROTECT it )
  • Positivity ( you need to commit to seeing the GOOD in every outcome or interaction which is definitely there )
  • People will tell you not to do things or that you are not CAPABLE of  something , HOWEVER that only means that they are trying to make sense themselves of why they haven’t done that because that will directly affect their self-esteem for not doing something and they will try and dilute your greatness  ( STEP AWAY FROM THOSE PEOPLE as your dreams should be far more important than this nonsense )
  • 9-5 Jobs can also dilute greatness as you have to satisfy them and not yourself or your dream . In corporations or any kind of business  , having a great sense of self ( what you are capable of )can be seen as being dangerous to the environment as you will be OUTSHINING your superiors so you can only do as good as them otherwise you might get in trouble , therefore  you are CAPPED ( greatness is  not to be CAPPED )
  • Parents can  produce that fog for the child as they cannot see through it themselves so they will try to stop their son/daughter from taking extra action . They can tell their child to RELAX , do LESS or WE LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE  out of love . The effect of this love will strangulate their child’s ability to act in the name of their dreams and is extremely dangerous.
  • INPUTS such as :

1.FOOD you consume can have a massive effect on your consciousness )

2.IDEAS that you accept being from your so called friends ( which will not support you in your quest of chasing your dream )

3.MEDIA ( whether it is Social media or the TV ) has the effect of making the person reading it to stay in a state of RECEIVING the news , rather than MAKING your own news.The News try to suck the reader or watcher in , for believing that there is an OUTSIDE FORCE controlling and they are powerless in the face of taking action towards that . The government can do nothing for you , you have to give that yourself

This post is dedicated to you my friend , if you are reading this . It is your responsibility to TAP into your GREATNESS and spread it to the world . It is UP TO YOU to follow your passion to create the life you ever wanted

19 thoughts on “Is it possible ?!

  1. I especially liked the idea of making your own news, instead of taking someone else’s news. It all boils down to living a life creating more than consuming, which seems more meaningful to our heart. Thank you for the ideas!

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