Thinking and doing

What does the word THINKING tells you? Does it only refer to a conscious or unconscious thought?  I believe there is more to it in this “action” called thinking. The majority of times we should do something we actually spend time thinking about it, which is pretty much like masturbating. It strongly indicates that you got something that you MUST do otherwise you will just keep thinking about it. Your subconscious mind knows that you need to do something even if that thought crossed your mind only once and therefore your self-esteem will get poison-dripped without you realizing it. All of the sudden you are left without any motivation and any will of doing anything and you decide to carry on considering that is a real state to be.   We are conditioned to overthink our actions due to our surroundings (our intentions are made bad or wrong by our surroundings due to people’s self-esteem).

Many people feel that not being motivated is normal and decide to carry on as before, which personally consider UNETHICAL.

The reason for which you have to act in the name of your thoughts consistently is that SUCCESS is like a FIRE, you have to keep adding wood to it or you will burn it all together.

I urge you to abandon this mental masturbation which is often times, thinking.

The reason doing is superior to thinking is because EXPERIENCE teaches us a lot more than thinking ever will.

Do yourself and the people around you, A FAVOR and progress from the first step (THINKING) into 2nd step (DOING).

We can both agree on this when i say that the reason for which we do not have what we want and we affected is due to lack of action, not thinking.


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