The Haters and the nay-sayers

I have chosen to write about this because this can be a dangerous obstacle in your way to success if  they aren’t used the right way .The only reason why the haters and the naysayers do what they do is because of themselves not because of you .The haters are trying to make sense of you going after something, and in order to protect themselves and their sense of self they are trying to find reasons why you shouldnt do it . The naysayers might include close friends and family . The reason why they say NO to you is out of love because they can’t see it throught themselves therefore will try to PROTECT you , but the truth is you do not need protection you need .

How to handle them  :

  1. The haters must be used to make your name famous . The only thing you have to do is to carry on what you are doing and they will make you famous either with negative or positive insights . When the time is right they might even break and become your fans afterall
  2. The naysayers must be brought on to the same boat and vision . The only thing you should use your energy on is into winning their support . If by any chance you are not able to bring onto the same boat you have to step away . You can love them back when they offer you the support you need

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