Vampires And Poison dripping

Poison-dripping is the phenomenon, which characterizes any action that takes of you, more than it gives you.  Examples would include drugs, protective love, friendships, relationships etc.

When it comes to drugs ,we can give as an example, Cocaine , which clearly gives you a lot but it subtly takes from you without you realizing it  , until you create a major issue in like and you receive a wakeup call . Think about it once second and imagine how subtle this drugs plays (It’s extremely easy to focus on what it GIVES and it is very to notice exactly how much it TAKES from you)

Although love can be great, it can also be very dangerous to your potential, as it tempts you into focusing on comfort rather than discomfort. It is a popular habit nowadays to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t fully offer support to your responsibilities, dreams. I understand that these pieces of information may be a bit STRIKING, but it is the absolute truth. The longest relationship you should have had is with yourself which includes your dreams, if you are forced to abandon your dreams out of love than i do not believe that is love after all. I personally find it shocking how many people accept these undisclosed terms upon relationships. Although i understand how it easy it is to drop into it, i also understand what fruits you can reap after you have properly set the right TONE for the relationship.

As for friendships we can talk about old relationships which are no longer helping you and you are staying in there out of “loyalty” .The human ego feeds itself with people’s weaknesses. Once it has fed on someone, the ego also likes to go back and try to repeat it from the same person. This concept is pretty much like a vampire sucking your blood without you realizing it, or simply doing nothing about because it has been happening for a while and you decided to leave it.

In order to practice self-love you have to re-assess your situation , your relationships , your inputs in order to see if they give more than they take , or they take more than take give .

Give today a smashing!


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