The Importance Of Success

Ever since we were little we have encountered people trying to diminish the importance of success or trying to demotivate us. I have been told stuff like : Money do not grow on trees ; Success isn’t everything ; Do what you can and that’s it ; You cannot be good at everything .

Which ones have you been told?

The majority tries to dilute the importance of success and tried to make us settle for what we have which can have massive downsides. Success will feed you, success keeps you young, success keeps you motivated, and success is inspiring, success is vital.

Everything you ever wanted is affected by the amount of success you are having, including your ability to enjoy what you have and what you are being given. The gratefulness is also affected by the amount of success you are having.

What is important to you in life? Family, Relationships, Legacy, History, Being yourself?  It is undeniable that success is extremely important nearly vital to your existence , therefore you must be willing to work for it in any area of your life .

Make success your duty , responsibility and obligation , so you can be of service to yourself and the ones around you .

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