Waking Up In The morning ? No motivation ?

Do you find it being a chore to wake up in the morning? Are you feeling lifeless?  Most of the things you do, don’t provide any satisfaction?

That is probably because you do not have a big GOAL, a goal that scares you. Everything will feel more joyful once you realize you are making moves, investing, planting seeds towards your goal. Doing just enough will drain the life out of you rather than giving you life. It is common to desire to do just enough to get by however that type of thinking will ultimately get you in trouble and you will end up coming short on what you want to accomplish .

Wake up, get away from the identity the world holds onto you and start believing in yourself. Search what to aim for, and go after it. The journey starts with one step and is full of emotions ups and downs but this is what life is about so start utilizing your time in your perfect manner.

Extract value out of this coin called time, because it is very valuable and it limited.


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