Manual Mode Or Autopilot Mode

How often do we:

  • Action without thinking and no rationalization behind our actions?
  • Get on something without thinking then we regret our decision?
  • Get home from work and we simply switch off (going on autopilot) and do things without logic?
  • Find ourselves that time is flying away like crazy and we felt like we haven’t done anything?

If you found yourself answering yes or often to any of these questions then this is a good time to work on it.

The autopilot mode prohibits evolution and promotes comfort, the ordinary or instant gratification. Routine and food, media are the main influences for you to fall into autopilot.

There are millions of people in this planet who believe this is a normal state of mind and do not fight to get out of it. Switching to manual implies being present, conscious which the majority find weird because our minds are in a constant battle.

While it may be difficult at the beginning i can assure you any of the advices below will help you with this.

The things that help you to increase your presence for being in the moment include:

  • Healthy food
  • Meditation is wonderful tool
  • Being close to nature
  • Gratefulness
  • Things that scare you
  • Generosity
  • Working out

Do yourself and those around you a favour by working on your presence


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