What does Monday represent to you? 

To me Monday is the real start of the week, where you test your productivity, you want to see how much you can get done, this is also the day where you open up your calendar and you check for any white spots to fill them up. To most Monday is just a boring day of the week where you lack compassion, drive, and motivation and will to go forward. Monday is the day where you start being very productive once again; you set the tone for the rest of the week. You set the tone to dominate not compete because competition is good domination is immunity.

The time has come for Monday, to fill up your pipeline, be opportunity focused.  It’s ok to be real hungry for success it’s ok to be obsessed. 

The only thing gravity does, is to hold you down!

I have to admit this morning i had no drive because i was once again, or continuously socialized by my surroundings. They apply limits on me ,  i am surrounded by people who have no drive every single day .Everyone is trying to make me feel like i arrived at the destination every single day of my life ,  this is why i have to stop caring about what people say and what they want me to do .



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