Types of Learning

The most common type of learning is social learning which is  feels the most natural as well . We are meant to fit in  groups circles,  to simply fit in with people and in order to do that we have to take information on board .You will be fed popular beliefs whether you want to or not because most of the time you have no option but to take it on board due to the fact that you simply do not have time to research all the information you get so you choose to accept it . We can picture our brain like a sponge that just absorb information as we move along , and we rarely question what we get . Why ? 

Just because it easier to accept it as the truth . 

We now live in era where all that matters is who is first to distribute the information so therefore it is passed around . Even though we can now access the information we want at the speed of the click , a lot of it can be fake or it is no longer current and we can therefore spread it ourselves .It is an era where instant gratification is promoted everywhere : socializing , games , food . All these activities which we chase to bring us instant pleasure will weaken our muscle to desire the most rewarding ones like let’s say : the good old books written by the real masters of subjects .I strongly believe that anything you want to excel at you need to pick a mentor someone that is at the top of the game you want to pursue and he is truly qualified to help you , not the people who have made it , nor the people who have quit. The thing is the surroundings is always eager to comment on your intention and the comment will be driven a few things such as how successful they feel with their accomplishments , how loved they are . Revealing your real intention to people who aren’t fan of yours will lead you astray. 

Other type of learning is by being present and by doing which is underestimated but this type of learning is very effective because what you experience is a lot easier to remember that the information that is absorbed . It has a more powerful impact but it is more meaningful .Whenever you have been a kid i am sure many times you had to learn the “hard way ” , which truly thought you rather than just following something that you can’t really validate .Without taking risks , doing new things ,being what they call , an ” idiot” you are sabotaging yourself . Be that idiot they tell you not to be , because you will learn more  and that will last .

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