Is it possible ?!

Extracting Value

Is it possible that we see ourselves 10 times , 100 times ,1000 times  or x times less capable of what we can actually DO ? Puzzling question isn’t it ? The only way to ever finding out is giving our best 110% of the time of every single second  you got given , to do what is RIGHT for you.

Where is this FOG coming from !? The fog for which we cannot see what we are capable off ?

The fog is produced by things such as :

  • Self-esteem ( therefore you need to do everything  possible or impossible to INCREASE it  , and to do everything to PROTECT it )
  • Positivity ( you need to commit to seeing the GOOD in every outcome or interaction which is definitely there )
  • People will tell you not to do things or that you are not CAPABLE of  something …

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