Books , self-help and videos use them the RIGHT way !

Books are some really great tools for improvement but they can be easily misused. Despite the powerful information they carry, they can also be used as a how to guide which can impact the very thing you want to accomplish, which is improvement. The books should be read in order to be inspired not in order to follow a step by step process.

The biggest books we ever know are ourselves which we gained throughout our experiences on this planet. Our inner voice will always beat the book we are trying to “follow “therefore books should only be used for inspiration purposes only. Your own voice is the one which is the most qualified for you to listen to. Then inspiration can be gathered from other resources.

Working on “how to material” makes you focus on the idea that you are lacking the “x rather than you have it and you can give yourself more of it. For that reason you can be working on them for a long time and see very little improvements.


Types of Learning

The most common type of learning is social learning which is  feels the most natural as well . We are meant to fit in  groups circles,  to simply fit in with people and in order to do that we have to take information on board .You will be fed popular beliefs whether you want to or not because most of the time you have no option but to take it on board due to the fact that you simply do not have time to research all the information you get so you choose to accept it . We can picture our brain like a sponge that just absorb information as we move along , and we rarely question what we get . Why ? 

Just because it easier to accept it as the truth . 

We now live in era where all that matters is who is first to distribute the information so therefore it is passed around . Even though we can now access the information we want at the speed of the click , a lot of it can be fake or it is no longer current and we can therefore spread it ourselves .It is an era where instant gratification is promoted everywhere : socializing , games , food . All these activities which we chase to bring us instant pleasure will weaken our muscle to desire the most rewarding ones like let’s say : the good old books written by the real masters of subjects .I strongly believe that anything you want to excel at you need to pick a mentor someone that is at the top of the game you want to pursue and he is truly qualified to help you , not the people who have made it , nor the people who have quit. The thing is the surroundings is always eager to comment on your intention and the comment will be driven a few things such as how successful they feel with their accomplishments , how loved they are . Revealing your real intention to people who aren’t fan of yours will lead you astray. 

Other type of learning is by being present and by doing which is underestimated but this type of learning is very effective because what you experience is a lot easier to remember that the information that is absorbed . It has a more powerful impact but it is more meaningful .Whenever you have been a kid i am sure many times you had to learn the “hard way ” , which truly thought you rather than just following something that you can’t really validate .Without taking risks , doing new things ,being what they call , an ” idiot” you are sabotaging yourself . Be that idiot they tell you not to be , because you will learn more  and that will last .


What does Monday represent to you? 

To me Monday is the real start of the week, where you test your productivity, you want to see how much you can get done, this is also the day where you open up your calendar and you check for any white spots to fill them up. To most Monday is just a boring day of the week where you lack compassion, drive, and motivation and will to go forward. Monday is the day where you start being very productive once again; you set the tone for the rest of the week. You set the tone to dominate not compete because competition is good domination is immunity.

The time has come for Monday, to fill up your pipeline, be opportunity focused.  It’s ok to be real hungry for success it’s ok to be obsessed. 

The only thing gravity does, is to hold you down!

I have to admit this morning i had no drive because i was once again, or continuously socialized by my surroundings. They apply limits on me ,  i am surrounded by people who have no drive every single day .Everyone is trying to make me feel like i arrived at the destination every single day of my life ,  this is why i have to stop caring about what people say and what they want me to do .



Manual Mode Or Autopilot Mode

How often do we:

  • Action without thinking and no rationalization behind our actions?
  • Get on something without thinking then we regret our decision?
  • Get home from work and we simply switch off (going on autopilot) and do things without logic?
  • Find ourselves that time is flying away like crazy and we felt like we haven’t done anything?

If you found yourself answering yes or often to any of these questions then this is a good time to work on it.

The autopilot mode prohibits evolution and promotes comfort, the ordinary or instant gratification. Routine and food, media are the main influences for you to fall into autopilot.

There are millions of people in this planet who believe this is a normal state of mind and do not fight to get out of it. Switching to manual implies being present, conscious which the majority find weird because our minds are in a constant battle.

While it may be difficult at the beginning i can assure you any of the advices below will help you with this.

The things that help you to increase your presence for being in the moment include:

  • Healthy food
  • Meditation is wonderful tool
  • Being close to nature
  • Gratefulness
  • Things that scare you
  • Generosity
  • Working out

Do yourself and those around you a favour by working on your presence


Waking Up In The morning ? No motivation ?

Do you find it being a chore to wake up in the morning? Are you feeling lifeless?  Most of the things you do, don’t provide any satisfaction?

That is probably because you do not have a big GOAL, a goal that scares you. Everything will feel more joyful once you realize you are making moves, investing, planting seeds towards your goal. Doing just enough will drain the life out of you rather than giving you life. It is common to desire to do just enough to get by however that type of thinking will ultimately get you in trouble and you will end up coming short on what you want to accomplish .

Wake up, get away from the identity the world holds onto you and start believing in yourself. Search what to aim for, and go after it. The journey starts with one step and is full of emotions ups and downs but this is what life is about so start utilizing your time in your perfect manner.

Extract value out of this coin called time, because it is very valuable and it limited.



Tuesday may be an uneventful day and we may be less motivated than we should be.

We’ve got to remember what are we working for in the first place, picture the life you are aiming for, imagine and feel it. You can make a list of all the benefits of your SEED planting to be aligned with your purposed.

It may be hard to stay motivated, but keep going do not stop now, success may be just around the corner


Feelings And About Them .

I decided to give a few thoughts about feelings because they seem to have a massive importance in our lives and we most of us are dominated by feelings. We are thought to value feelings which therefore some sort of a wall on the road to progress. The society is trying to emphasize the importance of emotions which can ultimately turn us into victims. We all love to feel good and this is how the world profits and how wealth can be made.  We buy things out of emotion with no rational explanation, just for that instant gratification and then we end up feeling empty and we wonder why we find ourselves in the same position

Maybe we should ask ourselves some questions such as:

Are feelings an enemy or a friend?

How can we exploit them so they will make fruits?

What do they actually indicate?


The Importance Of Success

Ever since we were little we have encountered people trying to diminish the importance of success or trying to demotivate us. I have been told stuff like : Money do not grow on trees ; Success isn’t everything ; Do what you can and that’s it ; You cannot be good at everything .

Which ones have you been told?

The majority tries to dilute the importance of success and tried to make us settle for what we have which can have massive downsides. Success will feed you, success keeps you young, success keeps you motivated, and success is inspiring, success is vital.

Everything you ever wanted is affected by the amount of success you are having, including your ability to enjoy what you have and what you are being given. The gratefulness is also affected by the amount of success you are having.

What is important to you in life? Family, Relationships, Legacy, History, Being yourself?  It is undeniable that success is extremely important nearly vital to your existence , therefore you must be willing to work for it in any area of your life .

Make success your duty , responsibility and obligation , so you can be of service to yourself and the ones around you .

Vampires And Poison dripping

Poison-dripping is the phenomenon, which characterizes any action that takes of you, more than it gives you.  Examples would include drugs, protective love, friendships, relationships etc.

When it comes to drugs ,we can give as an example, Cocaine , which clearly gives you a lot but it subtly takes from you without you realizing it  , until you create a major issue in like and you receive a wakeup call . Think about it once second and imagine how subtle this drugs plays (It’s extremely easy to focus on what it GIVES and it is very to notice exactly how much it TAKES from you)

Although love can be great, it can also be very dangerous to your potential, as it tempts you into focusing on comfort rather than discomfort. It is a popular habit nowadays to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t fully offer support to your responsibilities, dreams. I understand that these pieces of information may be a bit STRIKING, but it is the absolute truth. The longest relationship you should have had is with yourself which includes your dreams, if you are forced to abandon your dreams out of love than i do not believe that is love after all. I personally find it shocking how many people accept these undisclosed terms upon relationships. Although i understand how it easy it is to drop into it, i also understand what fruits you can reap after you have properly set the right TONE for the relationship.

As for friendships we can talk about old relationships which are no longer helping you and you are staying in there out of “loyalty” .The human ego feeds itself with people’s weaknesses. Once it has fed on someone, the ego also likes to go back and try to repeat it from the same person. This concept is pretty much like a vampire sucking your blood without you realizing it, or simply doing nothing about because it has been happening for a while and you decided to leave it.

In order to practice self-love you have to re-assess your situation , your relationships , your inputs in order to see if they give more than they take , or they take more than take give .

Give today a smashing!